Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Curtain Decisions


I'm finally getting some time to blog on this rainy Wednesday morning.  For those of you unfamiliar we have lived in our house for a bit over 2 years and for the most part it is finished.  Something that I am slowly accomplishing is curtains for each room.  I have been on the hunt for curtains for our formal living and dining room (I will do the same in both rooms as they are side by side and open to each other).  

I ran across these Threshold panels at Target last week and for the first time actually liked what I saw for these rooms!  I would need to order online because I need 95" but I decided to bring the 84" home to see what they looked like in person.  I tacked up the gray and cream because I feel like either could work.  Keep in mind it is very dark outside as it's pouring rain.

Thoughts?  I would hang them a bit higher than pictured and they would reach the floor.  I got reports that people thought they were too busy to go with the rug.

Too busy?  Keep looking?  I will reserve my thoughts until I hopefully hear from you! ;)


Thursday, April 11, 2013

Instagram Update


Spring has finally sprung so I have a multitude of projects underway.  I can't wait for our deck to be finished so I can show you before and after pictures.  With all the trips to the park, a vacation to South Florida, and overseeing the deck project we have been busy.

Here is a glimpse into our lives the last few months via Instagram:

1. Easter Sunday it was warm enough to lay in the hammock for a bit.  It was so peaceful!  2. I loved dying Easter eggs with my girl this year and can't wait until next year when she is really old enough to enjoy it  3. An IG update to our deck progress  4. I have been living in my new Sperry's and I LOVE them  5.  Granny sent M a stuffed chicken and he is adorable!  6. Loving the sunshine through the dining room windows one morning  7. Life is good....a frozen margarita on while feeling the sea breeze through my hair  8. M loves coloring "collie?  collie?" these days  9. Our Oliver...a 5 year old Papillon  10.  A cappuccino after a night away with Jacob in February  11. Rocking Essie's Devil's Advocate a few last times in Feb and March before I pull out the pinks for spring

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Have a great day!!

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