Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Paper Flower Tutorial

Hi all!

I'm here to share a project with you all that I am pretty excited about. I do have to give credit where credit is due and say that I did not think of this project I simply recreated it from another blog. In case you aren't familiar with Jones Design Co let me be the first to tell you that you are missing out. Click here for the tutorial, which I'll list here but I didn't bother taking step by step pictures like she did. I'm lazy and she explains everything so wonderfully.

When I ran across this project I knew it was perfect for the nursery and let me tell you that it is

I needed something to put on the top of the bookcase and I think this little project looks so darling there and it solves my dilemma of real plant in the nursery or not.

Here you can see the curtains in the background. I promise to have the full reveal in a few days

paper printed on both sides (some for the flowers and some for the leaves)
floral wire
hot glue gun

1. Cut out an irregular circle (I did several different sizes)

2. Start at the outside edge and cut a spiral to the center of the circle

3. Roll your paper starting at the outside edge when you get to the center you will have a coiled rosette

4. Release the coil and see it form a beautiful flower
5. Add a bit of glue to the bottom and press together to solidify your flower

To make a leaf:

1. Cut out a leaf shape

2. Fold it accordion style at the base

3. Glue it onto the base of the flower as well as the floral stem (just bend a small portion of the wire and add a bit of glue to adhere)

I didn't have double sided print paper so I glued a few pieces together and it worked okay. You can see on my pink rose what happens when you do this but I'm okay with it not being perfect.

Hope you have enjoyed this little project!


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