Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Hi all!
Today I'm going to share another addition to my portfolio that I recently completed. My friend moved into a townhouse that needed a major makeover a few months ago. I'm lucky that she allowed me to help in the process and share pictures of the transformation here with you all.

When we began the process I asked her to describe the feel she wanted to achieve in her living room/dining room and she said sophisticated, with clean lines, with a bit of beachy (she lives 2 blocks from the intercoastal) without having literal seashells everywhere.

Here are a few before pictures of the living room

You may recognize the entertainment center from this post and the mirror from here

Before of the dining room
In the master bedroom/bathroom she was going for a glamorous, elegant feel

Here is the before


Master Bathroom After

Have a great day!


Monday, August 30, 2010

Things Inspiring Me Today

Good morning!
It's a rainy Monday here, which usually is a bad combo. However, I am determined to take this day to get inspired and get a lot accomplished.

I have more portfolio pictures coming very soon!

Here are a few images that I found over the weekend and that I am loving!

I need this in my kitchen
I love the gray and gold combo
I think grasscloth wallpaper is genius
I need a sofa like this in my formal living room (that I don't yet have....be quiet, I'm a planner)
Too many things to list about this room that I love
Jacob is a musician so I can see a project like this in my future
(it's sheet music)
I love the idea of lining drawers with pretty paper
We have a bed very similar to this one so I think this image is divine!
Again, too many items to list that I love
Hope you have a great day!


Sunday, August 29, 2010

Blue and Green Decor

Hello! On the hunt for green curtain inspiration I stumbled across this blog. I had seen it before but never really investigated it. I thought I would share two different rooms that are kinda over the top and kinda amazing!

The first room was decorated by Kelley Interior Design in Bethesda MD

Here is the color palette

This room is decorated by Lawrence Boeder

Color Palette

I love the springy vibrancy of both of these rooms!

Enjoy your Sunday!


Saturday, August 28, 2010

Window Panels

Happy Saturday!
We have a low key weekend planned, which is just fine with me. It's finally stopped raining so I'm thinking a pool day is in order.

One issue I run into a lot is window panels when putting together an idea board. I think a lot of times a sold colored curtain (grommet or clips are my favorite) will work well in a space. However, I am a fan of a printed curtain in a lot of instances and when looking for something suitable for a young client there aren't a lot of options. I thought I would share the panels that I do like and will often go to if my client doesn't want to have curtains made.

Ballard Designs (I would hang them with clips) $179-219 per panel (comes in other colors)
Ballard Designs (again clips) $69-89 (comes in other colors)
West Elm $59-74 (comes in other colors)
Pottery Barn $79-109
See, I told you list was short. I do like a few options at Urban Outfitters but they are usually really feminine, which works sometimes but not usually.

What are your favorite printed window panels?


Thursday, August 26, 2010

Idea Boards

Happy Friday!
I hope everyone has something fun planned for the weekend. It's hard to believe it's almost September! Today I linked up my DIY Headboard over at the Shabby Nest's Frugal Friday party. Click here to check out what other creative ideas people have come up with this week!

Today I wanted to share a few idea boards I have come up with in the last few days. This client lives in an older condo that needs a spruce up! She recently took out the popcorn ceilings and painted the walls a calming shade of blue, as well as bought a new brown sofa. She wanted a feminine/vintage feel to the space.

This first idea board played off a rosey-pink color she wanted to pull in, which was inspired by a painting she loves.
The second idea board was a revision to add a bit more color as it seems the pink wasn't what she wanted after all. A few quick changes and it feel like a different space.
Other than her living room, my client also needed help with her dining room, which is an adjoining space painted the same shade of blue. Hanging from the ceiling is an antique chandelier of her grandma's, which adds such charm! I suggested a neutral gray curtain and a black pedestal table while we paint the existing wood cane chairs she has white. Another word she used to describe the feel she wanted in her home was funky. I thought the orange fabric on the chair seats would accomplish a this eclectic feel, while still remaining sophisticated.
Do you need an idea board? I offer different levels of boards including one like you see above all the way up to one with very specific details as to where to buy each piece. I will also work within your budget to accomplish a look you love!

Contact me for more information

Have a great day!


Inexpensive Interesting Wall Decor

Good morning!
I hope everyone is having a great week. One design item I get asked about a lot is how to decorate an empty wall inexpensively. Because let's be honest....even if you spend a ton on furniture, rugs, and curtains your home won't feel complete without something on the walls..... and that can get expensive.

Here are a few images I found to illustrate my point that wall decor doesn't have to be expensive.

One thing I have talked about before is hanging plates to create a collage. Head to your local thrift store and pick up a collection of white or colored plates for often less than $1 each.
Another option is empty frames. I love this idea because you can find mismatched and chipped frames at your local thrift store for a little bit of nothing. Take them home and spray paint them a universal color (see even white on white looks wonderful) and hang them up!
Another empty frame idea. I love the oval, square, and rectangular frames all together.
A collage of different framed photos, art and mirrors creates a visually interesting space and often you can find extra frames you have lying around and pull something together.
A functional idea is to find door knobs (or create your own with a block of wood and a door knob) and use them as a place to hang coats, laundry, or purses.
I love a framed cork board! Find a wonderful frame at a local thrift store? Paint it and a piece of cork board and staple them together and you are good to go! Functional and pretty!
Another decor option you may have never thought of (I know I hadn't considered it before) is to buy a variety of ceiling medallions and hang them up for a different way to fill a wall. Love it!
Finally, this is something I will probably to in my own office one day if I don't do the cork board idea. Hang a variety of pretty clipboards on the wall. This will allow you to hang different papers or documents and to keep things organized and off your desk.
Have a great day!


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