Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Design Star Update

Hi all!

I have been totally slacking in updating on Design Star. Anyone still watching? I loved this last episode more than any other episode so far because I felt like we really got to see the designers as individuals.

In case you're not up to date the 3 designers left are:

This most recent challenge was for each designer to decorate a glass room with their personal style. Also, it needed to stay true to the design concept that would be their show if they win.

Here is Casey's space
LOVE: the bright wall and the picture frame art as well as the sofa and bright fun chair
DISLIKE: the columns, the small size of the rug, the lamp shade

Emily's space
LOVE: the fabric, the couch, the wood stumps, draperies, mirror
DISLIKE: all the knick knacks, too many plants

Michael's room
LOVE: the printed chair, murphy bed, couch (not pictured), and coffee table
DISLIKE: the vinyl decals all over, and the desk

Well, if you did watch you know that Casey got sent home, which was sad. I thought she was going to win early on and up until a few episodes again. I did like her design more than Michael's but he has been solid throughout the competition.

Thoughts? Anyone else feel differently?


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