Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Decorating with Plates

Good morning!
Thanks for all the warm wishes yesterday! If you haven't entered to win the $20 gift card to Anthropologie do so now! Contest ends Friday at 2pm and a winner will be announced that day.

One of my favorite things in our home since we're renting and can't do much in terms of painting or DIY is my plate collage. I stole the idea and made it my own from a Pottery Barn picture I had found and saved a few years ago. Unfortunately, I can't put my hands on the image but it was in a dining room with a black pedestal table and yellow walls. Anyone have it?

Anyway, here is my collage:
I think these collages not only add interest but also they add dimension to any room. Here are a few images that showcase the different ways you can work with plates by hanging them.

I love the simplicity of a few white plates, which is what we have over our tv....4 white plates in a row...just enough to anchor the 2 pictures we have on either side of the tv.

You can see that with plates anything goes! I love the 3 plates above the bed, which is simple and easy yet creates a great look. I also love the organic shape of a tightly placed kinda flowing collage like mine and the one above. But you can also see that a defined shape looks amazing too.

I will stop before I bore you with more plate talk. Do you have a plate collage? All images found here.


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