Saturday, August 14, 2010

Painted Furniture

Good morning! I hope everyone has at least something fun planned for the weekend. Jacob and I are going to do a bit of shopping today, which we haven't done in quite awhile.

Today I thought I would post about painted furniture. Love it? Hate it? I personally think that finding a great old piece and fixing it up is a wonderful idea. Not only is it cost effective but it also gives new life to old pieces that might otherwise be thrown away.

As far as how much is too much painted furniture in a room, I think that depends on the size of the room. I think a combination of painted and natural wood furniture is the perfect mix in any space.

Here are a few images of painted furniture that I love!

Thanks to all that entered the giveaway! Have a great Saturday!



  1. The color of that dark gray desk is to die for!

  2. I know, I thought the same thing!

  3. Can you share what colors are used on these furniture pieces?

    1. These are not my pictures just inspiration images


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