Friday, September 2, 2011

DIY Fixed Roman Shade Tutorial

Good morning!

This is a little project I have been planning on doing for a few weeks now. I finally got my supplies and got started yesterday. Jacob hung it last night and I snapped a few pictures this morning.

This is a fixed roman shade meaning it is inoperable but I like that it gives the appearance that it does actually work. The whole project cost me around $20 for fabric, blackout fabric, a 1x2 inch board, and a packet of L brackets.

Here is how I did it.....(I followed Darby's tutorial found here):

The materials I used are pictured below:

blackout lining
measuring tape
1x2 inch cut to fit the exact measurement of the window
L shaped brackets
and not pictured a sewing machine and hot glue gun

I measured my window and added 2" to the width and 4" to the length. For example: the window was 23" + 2" = 25" width x 47.5" + 4" = 51.5" length. I started by cutting my fabric to 25 x 51.5 and hemmed the 2 sides and top by 1/2".

I then cut the blackout lining to the 24" (the size of fabric less 1/2 " on either side) and less the hem allowance at the bottom. I folded the edges under and hot glued it to my seams all but the bottom.

I was left with a nicely lined piece of fabric (except for the unfinished bottom seam)

I then folded the bottom edge under 1/2 " and then up 3" like pictured below. Sew a straight stitch.

From here I winged it as far as measuring and choosing my folds. I just did what looked nice according to how far down on the window I wanted it to hang. It worked for me to end up with 3 folds. I pinned and sewed a straight stitch on each one.

I then stapled my fabric to the wood and Jacob mounted it for me. I chose blackout lining so I could fake it and hang the shade much higher than the actual window creating the illusion of a taller window.

I think it really dresses up the bathroom and for $20 even though it's far from perfect I like it! I'm glad that I went with a fabric that that not only has blue in it to tie in with the paint (RH Silver Sage color match) but has pink. This is the guest bathroom as well as Maddie's so I can bring in pink accents to make the bathroom more hers as she grows.

Have a great Labor Day weekend!



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