Monday, August 30, 2010

Things Inspiring Me Today

Good morning!
It's a rainy Monday here, which usually is a bad combo. However, I am determined to take this day to get inspired and get a lot accomplished.

I have more portfolio pictures coming very soon!

Here are a few images that I found over the weekend and that I am loving!

I need this in my kitchen
I love the gray and gold combo
I think grasscloth wallpaper is genius
I need a sofa like this in my formal living room (that I don't yet quiet, I'm a planner)
Too many things to list about this room that I love
Jacob is a musician so I can see a project like this in my future
(it's sheet music)
I love the idea of lining drawers with pretty paper
We have a bed very similar to this one so I think this image is divine!
Again, too many items to list that I love
Hope you have a great day!


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