Saturday, August 28, 2010

Window Panels

Happy Saturday!
We have a low key weekend planned, which is just fine with me. It's finally stopped raining so I'm thinking a pool day is in order.

One issue I run into a lot is window panels when putting together an idea board. I think a lot of times a sold colored curtain (grommet or clips are my favorite) will work well in a space. However, I am a fan of a printed curtain in a lot of instances and when looking for something suitable for a young client there aren't a lot of options. I thought I would share the panels that I do like and will often go to if my client doesn't want to have curtains made.

Ballard Designs (I would hang them with clips) $179-219 per panel (comes in other colors)
Ballard Designs (again clips) $69-89 (comes in other colors)
West Elm $59-74 (comes in other colors)
Pottery Barn $79-109
See, I told you list was short. I do like a few options at Urban Outfitters but they are usually really feminine, which works sometimes but not usually.

What are your favorite printed window panels?



  1. Thanks for your post! I have been trying to decide on curtains for our "future" living room. We are hoping to close on a house in a couple of weeks! And the ones from Ballard Designs are great and perfect for what I was looking for! Thanks!


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