Saturday, August 7, 2010

Thrift and HomeGoods Shopping

Good morning!
I went thrift shopping and made a quick stop at HomeGoods yesterday and sometimes I have found that whenever I'm looking for something (for myself or someone else) I can't find ANYTHING. Yesterday was an exception to that because I found a lot of nice things at good prices! Here are a few of my favorite pieces from the thrift stores:

This linen cabinet was only $200 and in great shape
This chair was only $200 as well and the fabric was in great shape
I am trying to convince a client to get the chair below because it was $200 and would look nice in her bedroom. It came with an ottoman as well!
Fun braided mirror $40
Large 45x56 mirror only $100
I next went to HomeGoods where I found even more good deals!

$60 (3x5)
Have you found any good deals out shopping lately?



  1. I love that last chair! I like how there are two different complimentary fabrics. I've seen this done on other chairs but not one in that style.


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