Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Derby Day!

Hi all!

Those of you may not be familiar with the fact that Jacob and I just moved to Louisville a few months ago. Therefore, this is our first Derby here in KY and let me tell you I have learned a few things.

People here call it Derby......not THE Derby or The Kentucky Derby......just Derby. Same with Oaks. Today is the 137th Derby.

Churchill Downs is beautiful and always perfectly manicured

The Derby is called the Running of the Roses and is for the male and female horses and The Oaks is the running of the Lilies because it's just the fillies and is the day before Derby Day. This picture is from the Derby because the horse is decorated in roses

Mint Juleps are nasty and I don't think anyone actually likes them

However, I do really want to start collecting julep cups so I can make arrangements like this

Most people are aware Derby is all about the hats for the ladies

As I'm 8 months pregnant we aren't really taking part in any Derby activities this year but perhaps next year we will get in on the action.

Have a great day!



  1. I'm DYING to go to the derby! Mostly for the hats haha. So lucky you live there. I can't see going 8 months pregnant though. That would be rough.


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