Thursday, May 5, 2011

Easy Update Project Flop

Hi all!
I'm here to admit that I'm not perfect. Shocking.....I know. :) I was excited to do a quick update to an old piece of furniture as I'm deep in nesting mode and doing about a million projects a day. A while back Valspar was offering a free sample of any paint color you wanted so I came up with this little idea and chose a navy blue color.

Here is the dresser/bedside table in our largest guest room. It's nothing special but we're working with what we have for the time being so it's not too shabby. This is mine and my brother's baby dresser that I painted white around 4 years ago and it's been in our guest room ever since.

The color scheme for this room is browns and navys, a bit of a departure from what I usually do but I'm excited to pull it all together at some point in the future. I thought a free and easy way to do that would be to give this dresser a bit of a makeover.

Here is the before

My supplies were the free paint kit, a pencil, frog tape, a laser level, and a measuring tape

(You can see the bedding, which is brown and white pinstripes)

I used my supplies to make a straight line and tape it off


(I promise it's straight and just a weird camera angle)

Here comes the part where I admit that I'm underwhelmed and Jacob says he liked it better before. I thought adding a touch of navy would spruce up the dresser and help tie things together as the room is only half finished (and will stay this way for the foreseeable future).

Oh well........we can't win them all, right?


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