Saturday, November 8, 2014

Baby Proofing my Rug

Hi all!

Sorry for the radio silence.  It turns out that having a baby and a toddler is a lot of work and I have been quite busy!  We have adjusted here and have settled into a nice routine.  C is nearly 7.5 months old and is starting to think about crawling.  When M was this age I had think blankets all over the floor because our rug, while durable isn't cushioned at all.  

I knew it was time to add some cushion not only for the baby's sake but for my sake in sitting on the floor all day long!  Finding a rug pad that is appropriate for hardwood floors and met all my other needs (adding softness and over 9x12') wasn't easy.

When Rug Pads USA contacted me about reviewing a rug pad I jumped at the chance!  I figured I wouldn't be out anything since the rug pad I had was only for slippage and I could only get something better.  I chose the 1/2 Eco Fiber pad and I am seriously in love.  I know, I know, dramatic to love a rug pad but I seriously can't tell you how much cushion this pad has added!  I can notice a difference walking on it and Grandma commented tonight how soft it was sitting on it with the kiddos.  

Not only is the rug pad exactly what my rug needed but it is eco friendly!  I highly recommend!


  1. Solution for the rug, absolutely! Solution for a baby that pulls up the rug and stuffs the pad fibers in its mouth, TBD.

    1. Luckily it's hard to pull up many fibers! :)


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