Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Stairwell Gallery


I'm here to share the photo gallery wall my mother in law helped me put together last week.  I have to say that using this method it really wasn't too bad and I will definitely do it this way if I ever do another.  

We started with butcher block paper from Walmart and we held it up to the wall to get the angle of the stairs.  Then we mirrored it onto 2 other sheets and taped it all together to get a feel for the area we were working with.  I think getting the angle correct was one of the most important steps.

Next we laid out all the frames (can you believe I only had to buy 3 frames.....can you say hoarder?!)

We then took them off and tried something else

I decided I liked the 2nd arrangement best so we traced around all the frames and then measured and marked on the paper where the nails would go.  Then we hung up the paper and stood back and looked at our marking to confirm we like it.  Unfortunately, we just used pencil so it's too light to see in this pic

My mother in law started hammering and hanging as she went so we could make sure we really liked what we saw.....and we did!

The last step was to take off the frames and pull down the paper then re-hang the frames with a level.

I still need to change out a few pictures but over all I love it!

The next day we ran across 3m command Velcro type strips (I tried to find a link but couldn't) they are essentially used to hang pictures without nails so there is one strip to attach to the wall and another to attach to the frame and then they click or Velcro together.  We used these to secure the frames from swinging back and forth while on the nail and to secure them and keep them level.  They are great and I highly recommend doing something similar otherwise your frames will move and not stay straight.

The whole process only took a few hours, which is nothing considering how long it would have taken to do it all picture by picture without the paper.

Anyone else had great success with this method?


  1. What a beautiul job and great tutorial - thanks!
    Your newest follower - would love to have you visit
    and follow back:)

  2. That looks wonderful!! I'm loving your keep calm & love bulldogs print


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