Thursday, February 3, 2011

Tutorial: Slipcovering an Ottoman


I hope you all are having a great week so far. As you can tell I am moving right along in the house progress, primarily the family room and kitchen. Another tutorial I have for you today is how to recover an ottoman.

We were gifted a Ballard ottoman from a neighbor a few years ago and I have been recovering it about every 6 month since. The ottoman is one of the only pieces of furniture that Tatum is allowed on, which means it gets dirty quickly.

Back when I was trying to figure out how to recover it without it looking like it had been recovered I found a great online tutorial that I now can't find. I will share with you my version of the tutorial.

1. Measure and buy fabric. Remember you want enough to be able to staple under the sides (or if you wanted to sew a skirt allow extra fabric).

2. Lay fabric over the ottoman wrong side up

3. Make sure you have a supervisor.....just in case you do something incorrectly ;)

4. Pin corners of fabric so that it fits snugly to the ottoman

5. Snip off the excess leaving about an inch on the outside of the pins to allow room for sewing

6. Not pictured, sew on the line of the pins (just 4 straight seams) and turn right side out

7. Flip ottoman upside down and staple excess fabric to the bottom, cutting excess around the legs

All finished! It's an easy way to create a tailored slipcover that really doesn't look like a slipcover! Just my style!

Tomorrow is Friday!!



  1. LOVE! Can't wait to see it with the pillows :o) - btw, you have a GREAT supervisor!!!

  2. Thanks! I will tell Tatum you think he's doing a great job. :)


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