Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Flower Decisions

Hi all!

It's yet another rainy day here in KY. The tornado warnings are getting old. We are supposed to have an end to the rain tomorrow for a few days so we are looking forward to working a bit outside this weekend.

Next weekend my mom is coming to spend Mother's Day weekend with us and to help us plant flowers. I started mulching our flower beds and it was tough with a big belly in the way so it will be nice to have the help. I've started looking at what kind of flowers would be best in our few flower beds out front and most importantly what would be low maintenance and look nice all summer. You see we will have a little bundle in June that I'm guessing will keep us quite preoccupied for a few months at least.

My first thought was Creeping Phlox but then I realized they only bloom through May.

My mom suggested Vinca but they only bloom through June

St. John's Wort was another thought but I'm not sold that it doesn't look like a weed

Verbena is another thought but I worry it's too tall

Ugh, too many options! So we will make a decision and buy plants by next weekend! Stay tuned for pictures.

Anyone have any insight?


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