Thursday, December 1, 2011

Inexpensive Christmas Decor

Hi all!

I guess I must be DIY'ed out this Holiday season. Luckily I have a ton of Christmas decor from when we hosted a few years ago in Florida. We are on a tight budget as far as decor goes so I'm using a lot of what we have. I did buy a few new things but for the most part we're keeping it low key.

I have been browsing around and these Christmas decor items seem like a good price to me....if you too aren't wanting DIY and instead buy some inexpensive decor.

Set of 2 Lighted Garlands $20

Set of 3 Lighted Wreaths $30

Mercury Candlesticks $10-$16

Set of 4 Bottlebrush Trees $20

Crystal Garland $5

Topiary for$15

Not too shabby if you ask me!


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