Monday, July 9, 2012

Dining Room

Hi all!

I planned this post last week to show you what my in laws got me for my birthday.  Since then we finally bought a dining room table so now I have 2 things to show you!  We have been in the market for a year and a half for a dining room set but like most things in my life I had something in my head that I couldn't find and/or simply couldn't afford.  I had been browsing Craigslist as well as shopping in stores.  After months of searching Craigslist for something dark with a farmhouse leg that seats 6 at its smallest and at least 8 at it's largest I found this Paula Deen set for 1/4 of the price of it new.  Oh, and it's 2 years old, in excellent condition, and it can extend to seat 10.......YES PLEASE!

It was worth driving 2 cars almost an hour 1 way to pick up and the best part is, Jacob loves it too!  While I wouldn't have picked the ladder back style of chairs I appreciate the fact they are a modern twist on the country style.

We will probably purchase 2 upholstered chairs to sit at the head and get rid of the fugly wine rack.

Here is what I planned to show you all new buffet decor.  I love the large vase and pops of white and how it balances out the huge mirror (free on Craigslist and may rival the table for my best find ever)!

The horses head is a nod to Kentucky (I think it's a law you have to have at least one horse in your house if you live here), the pitcher is functional and pretty as decor, and the silver tray is just the right size and I love the shiny touch it adds.  

I'm definitely on the right track but I don't love the balls, nor the blue candle holder with corks.  
As with most everything in our home, it's a work in progress!

What's your best Craigslist find?


  1. I sadly have no Craigslist finds. I have never bought anything off of it. I guess I'm too lazy to browse around. I love your mirror!

    1. Thanks! It takes time and patience to find something that is for sure!

  2. What an awesome find Emily, LOVE it! I love all the detail in the legs of the table! Oh my gosh, and I want your black mirror and buffet! Hope you are having a fun summer! Cheers!


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