Friday, November 30, 2012

Christmas Decor

Hi all!

I'm just settling in for the evening and I finally got around to taking a few Christmas decor pictures.  I decided it best to take some in the daylight and some at night and post a bit of both.  So far this year I haven't bought anything for inside as far as Christmas decorations go so I'm pretty proud of that!  I do think a wreath on the mirror above the mantel would look pretty!

A lot of our decor this year is easy and not fussy since we have a 1.5 year old running around and because the thought of putting away a lot of decor come January exhausts me. :)

Here are a few snapshots from around the house:

I plan to sew a runner for this table and make a box like I talked about here but this will do for now:

This centerpiece used to be Jacob's grandparents so I enjoy putting it out each year

You may recognize the vase from our usual decor.  I was planning to simply put up our usual small tree but it didn't seem tall enough now that I'm used to the height of the white vase and hydrangeas.  I decided to improvise and take the tree out of the stand and stick it in the white vase.  It's not quite proportionate but I don't hate it so I think it will do!

A few sprigs of greenery and vintage ornaments I found while thrifting years ago add just a touch of Christmas to this small vignette!

Our mantel is the same as last years.  I'm thinking a wreath would look beautiful over the mirror:

Not too bad for not spending a dime!


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