Thursday, January 10, 2013

Grandma's Recipes


I hope you all are well because it has been awhile!  We have been busy as usual but are happy to be getting back into our normal routine.  M and I have been hitting the gym in the mornings and I have been trying to squeeze in at least one item from my (never-ending) to do list each afternoon while she naps.  This past weekend Jacob and I purged our closet and master bedroom, which felt great!  

I'm here to share one item that has been on my list for forever and I'm so happy I took 10 minutes to do it and mark it off the list!  I saw the idea on Pinterest originally to frame your Grandma's recipe cards and since both of my Grandmas have passed I definitely knew this is something I wanted to do.  I'm still working on Jacob's Grandmas who are still living but not in the best of health.  I hope to one day have all 4 hanging but for now it is just 2.

Here is where they are located in the kitchen.....near the coffee pot....a gathering place in our kitchen!

Grandma Snyder's recipe for Beef Stroganoff

Grandma Richardson's recipe for French Chocolate Pie

This one is very special, you can see my name on it because I made this pie years and years ago (I found it in a magazine) and I have been dying to make it the last 5 or more years but didn't have the recipe and then I found this while cleaning out her house.  I love it.  I'll make it and share it if it is as delicious as I remember!

I used this website to download canvas images on paper to matte the recipe cards.  There are several to choose from and it's free!

I love looking at their handwriting.....the recipes don't really matter :)

Why hello there plate wall!  Here is another one of my favorite spots in the kitchen

I think I have FINALLY settled on curtains for the master bedroom.  I'll be back soon with pictures!


  1. Hi! I just want to say that recipe framing idea is genius. I will totally be doing that.

  2. Super cute idea! I am going to have my granny write some of my favorites out for me!

  3. I love this idea! And your plate wall is gorgeous. Well done on the gym too :)

  4. Adorable idea! And a perfect way to honor your grandmothers.

    Jessica @

  5. I really like this idea! I should swipe some of my Grandma's recipes. Her handwriting is shaky now but I'm sure she'd be willing to part with some old ones. Nothing like Grandma's cookies!

  6. I love this idea! I need to hunt down some of my grandmothers recipe cards and do this! love your plate wall also and your kitchen is gorgeous:)


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