Monday, July 1, 2013

Installing A New Flower Bed

If you follow me on IG you probably saw this picture a few months ago.  A trunk load of free plants from my aunt!  I used some of them in our new flower bed I blogged about here.

Here is where we started:

I made a plan for laying out all the plants making sure that the colors coordinated throughout

The first step was to layout all the plants where I want them.  I did it a few days ahead so the grass was nice and tromped down where each plant was to go.  Next we arranged the garden hose the way we wanted the bed to go.  I knew I wanted curves so it was helpful to play around with the hose to get it just perfect!  

We then spread flour outside of where the hose was lying to mark where we should dig.

Jacob did a lion's share of the digging, which looked like this when it was finished.  We worked hard on creating a straight edge of the soil so we could mound the mulch up and away from the grass.  I found a lot of information about it here

Next we dug the holes for the plants, having the grass tromped down was helpful for knowing exactly where to dig.

We decided to use landscape fabric because we don't have easy access to a garden tiller.  I used the plan to put the plants back into place and fill in the holes.

Mulching wasn't fun but then it never is.  

All finished!

And here it is over 2 months later!

I love it!

Because we were given several plants and had several already in place all in all it cost less than $150 and around 4 hours of work.  It was definitely a well worth it project, one that we get a lot of compliments on!


  1. This looks great! I love this idea. It really improves the look of a backyard. && that price, who can beat it.

    xo. Kailagh


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