Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Nursery Love

Good morning!

Sorry for my absence! Between being sick and traveling for family events I have been a bit MIA. Well, I'm back and Jacob and I have big plans for accomplishing things this week, which feels great! We are painting the nursery this weekend and starting to prepare for baby girl. It's very appropriate because today is the 100 day mark until I am due. Wow.

Given all this information I am in full nursery decorating mode. One resource I have come across is the blog Chic & Cheap Nursery. Yes, please! The blog is written by Nicole, who labels herself as a designer by heart but architect by trade. She is a mom and loves designing spaces for little ones that are affordable. Let me tell you she has great ideas!

Most recently she shares how to make a garland for a nursery or a party just like this one:

I definitely have considered this if I feel like the room still needs something when we're finished. Click here for instructions.

Besides great tutorials and giveaways, Nicole often spotlights different nurseries with the breakdown of where the items are from and their cost. Here is a nursery I love!

I've saved my favorite for last. I love the feel of this room and how it is definitely girly without being too feminine or over the top with pink. I love the mix of modern and vintage to create a cozy feel. This is definitely similar to the feel I want to obtain in baby girl's nursery.

Cost breakdown and more pictures found here

Happy March! With spring right around the corner I hope you too are feeling excited about an upcoming project or just the end of winter!



  1. Love the nursery pics! that last one is just beautiful, I really love the framed fabric or paper above the changing table. I love the colors used as well, like you said it's girly but not grossly frilly:) Enjoy the process of planning your nursery!

  2. A baby is in our 5 year plan but that still doesn't stop me from looking at nurseries. I LOVE the 2 rooms you posted, it's totally my style too!

  3. You have great style, Allison! ;)


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