Monday, June 27, 2011

Eye Candy

Good morning!

Did you all have a nice weekend? I hope so! We are getting the hang of having a new little one around and look forward to the days when more sleep will be the norm again. As you can imagine my mind hasn't been on decorating the last few weeks so I was happy to finally give into the Pinterest craze and check it out.

These are a few images I have found. Although I am definitely still trying to figure it all out. I use Safari and can't figure out how to get the "pin it" button onto my toolbar. It says to drag it, but I can't. HELP!?!

Anyone want to give this tired lady a quick lesson on Pinterest?




  1. I believe once you drag it to your bar, it should show up as one of your "favorites." Then, click on your favorites bar, have it highlighted, click on the down arrow to the right of the "add to favorites" button, and click on "add to favorites bar." **I think!**

  2. On Safari I don't have favorites and I can't find it under my bookmarks. :( Now I can't even figure out how to find it to drag it to my toolbar. Ugh... Thanks for trying though!! :)

  3. I love Pinterest but honestly I haven't figured out how to do it either. Sorry, I'm not help :(

  4. At least I'm not alone. Thanks Coley!

  5. any luck yet? this didn't happen to me so I'm wondering if it's a pinterest server issue. maybe try emailing them? you should just be able to grab the tool, and literally drag it in place. i'd ask them. hope it works for you, i heart pinterest!

  6. Nope. Now I can't even find the tool to drag it. Ugh....


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