Wednesday, May 2, 2012

New Landscaping


I'm back with pictures of our new landscaping.  Here are the before pics, which really don't look too bad.  I took these last June just before the arrival of baby M.  The daylilies were in full bloom and we had just planted the red verbena.  I was hoping the verbena would really spread out and make a nice statement but really there ended up being awkward clusters of red and weird empty spots.....not good.  Plus there in the back next to the column is one of the 2 peonies, which after they bloom for a few weeks in early May they flop over and are nothing special.

Like I said, really not too bad but in the winter everything dies and we are left with empty scraggly flower beds.

Here is the after:

We left a few daylillies and added some holly, a green Japanese maple, roses, and a few boxwoods.  They also took out the other level in the above flower bed and added to the stones below.  I can't wait for it to fill out a bit more.  There is also a spot in the below picture where they are coming back to plan more flowers now that it's finally staying warm.  We might remove the large hedge at some point.

One of my favorite things was having that ugly bush that covered our house number ripped out.

This is the flower bed to the left of the house, which we didn't do anything to.  I left my snapdragons in the ground last year and they came back!  I still need to plant a few more here and around the mailbox.

Much better!  We moved the peonies and gardenia to the backyard and they seem to be doing well.

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