Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Some Fall Decor

Hi all!

You may have noticed that I have cut down on my posts....or maybe you haven't.  I decided to cut out the fluffy posts for a number of reasons: 

1.  I don't have time to think up silly posts to fill the blog  
2.  I honestly am not sure how many of you are still out there paying attention.  I was sad when my giveaway only brought a few of you out of the woodwork.  
3.  I have started a part-time gig blogging for a local store and that is my first priority.  Between that blog, this one, and the family blog I run it's a lot.  

M is getting bigger and bigger and my priorities are changing.  I'm no where near ready to give up this blog but I do wish people were more interested in it.  Anyone out there?

Alright....enough serious talk....I'll pull myself together.  Here are a few pics of our fall decor so far.  We still need to get some pumpkins, which I will sprinkle throughout the house.

When I was planning out what I wanted to do on the mantel my first thought was a tall vase filled with autumn branches.  However, when I came across these dying green hydrangeas I changed my game plan and for now they work.  I may still do the branches because I do wish I had more height.

I worked for awhile trying to tone down the white hydrangeas and make this room feel less summery.  I think I managed to do it all with things I already had lying around!  I love it when that happens.

I love how just a few small changes can really make a big impact and make a space feel really different.

So, back to my original thought.  Is anyone out there?  Anything I should be doing differently to keep you more interested?  I'm sure more genius DIY would help but I haven't been in the DIY mood lately....

Hello?  Hello?!


  1. Hello! I'm still here :) I totally understand about the giveaway - I did one (my first ever) and got a paltry amount of entries for what I thought was an awesome prize ... so I'm not much help but I can sympathize! (I did enter yours though!)
    I love your Fall decor - so pretty but not over the top.
    And as far as keepIng readers interested (since you asked), I'm personally more interested in seeing more of your home/style. I like the inspiration posts but i get a lot of that on Pinterest now so I feel like your original content - like this post - is more rewarding to read. Projects are always good too but I know how hard it can be to squeeze those in with a little one running around.
    Anyway, don't stop posting - I'd miss you!

    1. Lizzie-thank you very much for responding. I appreciate your opinion and will definitely work on more things around the house versus inspiration. :)

  2. i'm here! I'm here! I love the photos over your wingbacks!

  3. Good Morning Emily! NOOOOO, don't leave! I have been a lil MIA from blogland, but always love coming by and catching up on your posts. Love your style and always enjoy everything you have to say/show! Btw, your fall decor is perfect, I need those cute lil squirrels, adorable! Trying to get myself motivated to do the same, ha. Hope you have a super fun weekend! Cheers!

    1. Thank you Elena! I appreciate your comments. I got the squirrels at Hallmark last year in case you want to try to track them down. Have a great weekend!

  4. I read it :)
    and I love your style :)


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