Thursday, October 11, 2012

Few Small Bathroom Additions


I wanted to share a few updates to the guest bathroom upstairs.  Our home is a 4BR 2.5BA house so that means we have a master bathroom, a powder room downstairs and a guest/kid bathroom in the hall upstairs.  Since M is still little and doesn't really need a bathroom of her own yet (we bathe her in our big jacuzzi tub) the hall bath is basically only used for guests.  However, when I painted it Behr's version of Silver Sage (same as the master bath) I wanted it to feel a bit feminine for when she does use it.  All you have ever seen of it was a DIY roman shade.  It's horrible to photograph because the toilet and shower/bath are in one room and then 2 sinks are in a separate room.

I got some Rifle Paper Co note cards for Christmas with the intention of framing them in this bathroom. However, I couldn't find a frame I liked until recently when I ran across these:

I also added a metal tray I had lying around and a few soaps in a jar, a candle, and of course some cotton and q-tips.

I have been eyeing the zinc letters  from Anthropologie forever and since we now have an Anthro (yay!) I finally got one and hung it today!

Here is the art near the other sink, which is behind the door as you walk in.  Once we have another kid my plan is to get the letter of their initial and put it above this sink to delegate who's sink belongs to whom.

Nothing earth shattering but it feels nice to have a few things on the wall!  

Side bar: I hung the M by myself which is kinda a big deal because I refuse to hang things that need more than one nail b/c I'm horrible at measuring and such.  I decided to give the whole painters tape measuring thing a try and it really worked!  Let me know if you don't know what I'm talking about and I'll do a tutorial.  It literally took 5 min and I got it right on the first try.  Seriously.....this is amazing news (#can'thanganythingwithout25holesinthewall).

Have a good day!

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