Monday, October 15, 2012

Guest Post: Fall Decor in New York and Brooklyn on a Budget

Autumn in New York and Brooklyn is a season to celebrate in your home. Do not merely resign yourself to the long shadows of chilly days. Instead, bring some of fall’s warm, rich light indoors to enjoy in your interior decorating plans.

The best thing about the season is the plentiful array of colors already available outside that you can bring in and highlight for color accents. Gather up some of the colorful leaves from your front stoop and line them inside a clear, square vase. Use an acrylic sealer to coat them for sticking, then use a battery-powered tea light inside to illuminate. Kick up the DIY project a notch by adding lighted twigs you can buy at a neighborhood crafts store or might come across at a New York street fair. Tuck your display into a corner for an instant mood light to cast shadows that play off your houseplants.

Living in Brooklyn you realize quickly that trendy chic ideas are found everyone from doorstep interior, residents put their own flair that allows New York City it’s own classy flair, separate from this chic art district. For example, the multiple flea markets in Brooklyn can really be the start of a craft project weekend to transform your interior. Stroll around and look for maybe some candlesticks with round, flat tops, and then spend the afternoon spray-painting them in warm, autumn colors. Glue the candlesticks to the bottom of small, flat-bottomed crystal glasses that you could find in any antique shop in New York, and put them at varying heights on your mantel or on a sideboard. You can fill the glasses with tea lights or alternate with tea lights and candy corn for a Halloween party effect. You might luck into finding a deal on cranberries at a farmers market in Hell’s Kitchen and use a handful as decorative filling, alternating in layers with almonds or other light-colored nuts. 

Easy changes that also are budget-friendly include introducing a warm, snuggly throw on your couch along with pillows in autumn shades of brown and gold. Cinnamon candles can help give a homey scent, particularly after a long evening commute on the subway. Simmer some cinnamon sticks in water on the stove for instant fall potpourri ambiance. 

Remember that the secret to economical seasonal makeovers can focus on sights and smells in your home. New candles and updated accessories that reflect the season can be a quick way to transform your interior from summer to fall. Secondhand stores, flea markets, antique shops and even the corner grocer can inspire new ideas and create a quick spark of radiance to embrace the changing season.


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