Friday, May 24, 2013

Play House Makeover

This winter I came across a Little Tikes play house for $30 on Craigslist and I snatched it up!  I was inspired by the makeovers of different play houses on Pinterest and was excited to try one myself!  

The house was faded and missing a shutter in the back so a makeover was in order.  M instantly loved it and it was great having outside for her to play with!

I was a bad blogger and didn't take pictures of the painting process but I can tell you that it was relatively easy but that I used a lot more spray paint than I originally thought.  I used spray paint specific to plastic and outdoors, which is key.  I tried and tried to get the shutters and door off but couldn't.  I started by spraying the shutters and door with several coats (3-4) and then letting it dry overnight.

The next day I used wrapping paper and painters tape to cover the shutters and the door.  The roof comes off so that was easy to do.  Once the everything was covered I sprayed the body of the house, which took several coats to cover the over spray from the black and red.

Even though I spent close to $60 in spray paint I would definitely do it again.  I love that it blends into the yard better and looks so much better than the faded house it started out as.  

Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!


  1. That looks sooo good! Some of those play houses are really an eyesore. Way to be an awesome mom and have a stylish play house!

  2. Ok, TOTALLY doing this! I adore your color choices, too. M is so adorable, totally winning my heart. You wouldn't mind if Q has a replica of M's playhouse here in Colorado?? =]

    And doing it all for under $100 is WAY more affordable & so much better looking than the playhouses I've seen out there during my research!!

  3. Came over from Better After.... your house is fabulous! Wish I had been that creative 10 years ago when MY kids had one of those atrocities!

  4. I'm curious how this has held up? Do you remember the brand of paint? :)

    1. It has scratched a bit on the areas that get wear like the door area that gets stepped over and a bit on the shutters where my daughter opens and closes them. I don't remember the brand but it was the plastic outdoor spray paint at Home Depot. I think there might only be one brand.


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