Friday, June 14, 2013

Barnyard Bash!

M turned 2 this week and while party planning I decided not to go totally crazy like I did last year.  You can read about her strawberry themed first birthday here!  Like her mama M loves all animals and lately was particularly drawn to her farm so I decided a farm theme would be perfect (and fairly easy to pull off).  Gingham and mason jars were my main plan and only purchasing a yard of fabric and some ribbon I think I pulled it off without spending much money!

I decorated my late grandma's buffet with farm animals and daisies.  What you can't see are the favors....a farm book for the babies and a felt farm board for the bigger kids.

I picked daisies in the field behind our house and hit up the farmers market for the rest of the wildflowers.  I used my late grandma's tablecloth to complete the country look....meaningful and free!

Like last year I made the pennants easily with a yard of fabric, hot glue, and red ribbon.  I had 5 around the house, which was the perfect amount.

I layered another of my grandma's tablecloths over a checkered one in the breakfast nook.

I debated on having cookies or cupcakes made but I hate spending money on something I can do.  While they aren't glamorous cupcakes, I felt better about them by adding a cute topper I bought online and printed out.

I realize the foil is still on the blackberry pie (I was rushing to take pics before people arrived).  The dessert bar included apple and blackberry pie with ice cream and a lot of vanilla cupcakes!

I wanted food I could make ahead of time or pull together easily once people arrived.  Our menu included pulled pork sandwiches, pasta salad I made the day before, baked beans, macaroni, a veggie tray, pretzels and pickle dip, and watermelon.  It was easy and delicious!

Again striving for simplicity we did water, unsweetened tea, wine and beer

I couldn't resist this adorable gingham dress for M!  

It was a great party!


  1. What a great idea, Emily! It turned out great:)

  2. The vintage touches, the sweet simplicity, & the ADORABLE birthday girl in her gingham dress! I just absolutely love it.

    Had I been there, I would've kept you even busier replenishing the wine bucket. #notacheapdate Perhaps it's for the best that I wasn't ;)

    Happy Birthday, M!!!!


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