Saturday, October 19, 2013

Big Girl Room

Happy Saturday!

We finally have a weekend at home and we are looking forward to picking and carving pumpkins and having some family time!  I thought I should share what I have been up to design-wise.  We are planning to move M into a big girl bed and switch her room around a bit.  We are going to use the full size bed we have in the guest room and get a new dresser, bedding, chair, and curtains!  I don't want to repaint so we are keeping the very light blue walls.  

The bedding arrived today and M is very excited about the horses so that makes me happy.  The rocking chair is one that has been passed down for generations and her Nana is stripping, repainting and having it re-caned.  It will fit better in the room with the larger bed as will the dresser, a gift from her Granny and Papa.  It is definitely a combined effort and we are so lucky to have so much help!

I plan to do the transition in the next month or so.  Wish us luck!! :)

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