Thursday, October 3, 2013

Fall Decor

Long time no see!  Life has gotten in the way of blogging as usual but I did want to pop back in and share my fall decor.  I have been eyeing those boxes on Pinterest for our dining room table for awhile now and knew it was the perfect use for the barn wood from my late grandpa's barn.  The wood dates back to when the barn was built in the 20's so you can imagine it means a lot to me.  Jacob and I put the box together and now I'm excited to change it up with the seasons.

I did my usual of adding in cream hydrangeas with the white for a fall/winter feel.  I like that it feels different than spring/summer!

I did something totally different on the mantel and I'm loving it. 

Better feel for the actual colors

This is my favorite of all my decor because I made it with M!  I let her paint (which she loves!) and then I simply cut them into leaf shapes.....easy and meaningful---perfection in my book!

Outside I did something different.  I got the box when I ordered something online this summer and have been hanging on to it ever since.  I love the height it adds along with another pop of color.

That's the majority of my decor this year.  I'm really loving everything I did, which doesn't always happen!

Happy Fall!


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