Wednesday, August 24, 2011

HG Favs and A Few Great Finds


I made it to HomeGoods the other day for the first time in months and I thought I would share some of the favorite items I found.

Well, this isn't a favorite.....but I had to share. A plush dresser (like a fuzzy stuffed animal)....

Sea Glass lamps- these were beautiful and I could see them in flanking a bed on the nightstands

I loved this guy! Perhaps on a casual buffet in a dining room?!

This was a great gourd inspired lamp that would look great anywhere but I pictured him on a great entryway table with a mirror and some fresh cut flowers

They are still going strong with yet another (different) sunburst mirror

I love this lamp! I wish there had been two as I would have seriously considered them for our guest bedroom. It was chunky with a perfect linen shade!

A great rustic inspired mirror

Another rustic inspired item

This is fabric I'm considering for a project I'm working on. I think I need to just go ahead and pull the trigger!

And these are a few items I picked up at a local thrift store last week. The candle holders were only $3.50 each. I already have 4 mercury candle holders in varying sizes and they are perfect for everyday use (ours are on our mantel right now) and they're great for decorating for Christmas as well. The white urn was only $3 and while I don't have an immediate use for it I couldn't pass it up. I'm sure I'll think of something! :)

Lots of great finds!


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