Monday, February 6, 2012

$100 Month: January 2012 Edition Part II


We enjoyed a low key weekend at home. Jacob and I both like a good mix of being productive and being lazy on the weekends. We made some great progress on the guest room, which I'll be sharing this week.

If you're keeping track I still had $25 to spend from January from the $100 we budget each month. To see where $75 went and for a recap go here.

I really couldn't figure out how to love the room with the duvet I purchased. It was dark brown with pinstripes and to be wasn't me. See it here. I was trying to push my boundaries but I'm a neutral girl at heart. The good news is for $30 (yeah, yeah, yeah I went over $5...sue sound like my husband) I got a white coverlet.
So for $100 I got 2 new bedside tables and a new bed covering. Not too shabby!
Being limited on my purchases is really making me think them through and really really love them. If you're like me and used to waste money on DIY or other things that never really worked it might be worth a shot.

Anyone else on a DIY/Home budget?


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