Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Guacamole Recipe


One of my favorite snacks to make for Jacob and I or for a group is guacamole. My love affair with guac all started with a little place called Rosa Mexicano. If you're going to be in NYC (my fav location is Lincoln Center but all are good). They make your guacamole table side and I haven't been the same sense....okay, I'm being dramatic but I really love it and it taught me how I like my guacamole.

Here is how I make my guacamole:

I whip the avocado(s) with an electric mixer because I like it really smooth. I also buy my avocados when their green and ripen them myself so I know just how ripe they are. I hate to buy them dark and mushy and then cut into them and they are dark inside (over-ripe).

After a beat the avocado(s) I add in the rest of the ingredients. I love the lime juice and it helps it not to brown. Some people add jalapenos....you can do what you like but this is how I like mine. If I'm making it just for Jacob and I add more cilantro and salt.

I love to serve it with Hint of Lime or Hint of Jalapeno chips for an extra kick. Yum!

Did you know you can freeze ripe avocados? Me neither until I ran across it on Pinterest. Follow me!



  1. Looks so good! I've always resisted trying it but I just recently added avocado to a chicken fiesta soup I made and loved it!


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