Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Needing Inspiration

Hi all!

I'm back! After a wonderful trip home to Ohio I'm happy to be getting settled in back at home. It's far from fall-like here so I'm sad I left behind the cooler temperatures but it will have to do. I'm itching for a new project but I don't have any inspiration. Ever feel like this? I do quite often.

I ran across this picture, which I had saved many years ago and lost when my previous computer died. It was something I wanted to do in our apartment here in FL but I never could find a map that I loved.

I still love it and might try to incorporate it into our home at some point if I can find a map I love.

What projects are you working on right now? I need some inspiration!



  1. love this image! do you know what kind of pottery/ceramics that are in the photo? I love the color. Right now I'm working on painting my french country craigslist dining chairs, when they are done they will be less french country and more shabby chic!

  2. I wish I did know because they are beautiful. Sorry :( That sounds like a great project!


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