Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Closet 45 Min Redo


Last Friday it was a yucky day out so I decided to stay in and accomplish something. We have a huge closet in the master bedroom.....I mean, huge. We have a full regular sized closet and then this little room off of it. It's crazy huge....so because we have so much space we have ended up throwing random crap in here. Hence the before shot:

Yes, we had 2 ceiling fans in there (I had already removed one), boxed up maternity and baby clothes, luggage, the bouncer, and playmat, bumbo seat, purses, and a few odds and ends of clothes.

I took 45 min and purged what we didn't need and simply organized the rest. We had this extra dresser, which I removed from the guest bedroom as seen here. I decided to add a lamp and organize my jewelry in an effort to wear it more often.

I have several clutches from my late grandma that I set out because I love seeing them everyday. I just used a tray we had in the kitchen to organize it all.

It's a far cry from anything spectacular and it's probably not how it will stay but for 45 min and a free project both Jacob and I are happy with it!



  1. It looks like you gained so much space in your closet! It looks great! Maybe this will motivate me to organize ours finally :)

  2. I am SO jealous of your closet size! I just put in a closet organizer this past weekend and I have no room...still! Great work for 45 mins!


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