Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Hi all!
Sorry for my absence! Things have been busy around here and I'm deep in planning mode for a new blog feature, which I will be sharing very soon so check back.

One thing I am striving for in our home is more of a collected look as opposed to "I bought everything at Pottery Barn and Homegoods look". I don't really collected anything per se but I am drawn to dishes and mirrors and my husband would tell you picture frames but he doesn't get they are like shoes and have to match where you're going to put them (like you can't wear 1 black heel with need different kinds). I digress.

In an effort to create a collected and very comfortable feel in our home I have already mixed several fabrics (another way to create a unique and comfortable look) and am now thinking more intentionally about collections. While I don't want 30 clocks on 1 bookcase or anything, it is something I'm giving thought to. Here are a few examples of collections:

Do you collect anything?


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