Thursday, January 12, 2012

New Blog Feature


I'm excited to share a new blog feature with you all. As many people do when a new year begins, I started thinking more about my life and our finances. Something Jacob and I have been doing for awhile is allotting me $100 a month to spend on the house. I can essentially do whatever I want with it and for the past several months I feel like I have wasted it on DIY projects, which I thought would be inexpensive but ended up costing a decent amount and then not being something I love. Been there done that....right?!?!

I have vowed to be more intentional in my choices for our home including how I spend money towards the house. While $100 is pocket change to many of you, because we are living on 1 income it feels like a privilege to me. I'm starting a new series where I will post at least once a month to share what I have spent the $100 on and how I have stretched it.

As I'm vowing to be more intentional with our money I'm excited to share a few projects I have in the works. On a separate note, we are also intending to redo the landscaping in the front of our house and redo the deck and put in pavers in the back this spring. I'm also wanting to start collecting more forever pieces of art for our home, so I might be sharing some of that search with you all as well.

I'm still searching for that clever title for my $100/month. Post suggestions!



  1. Love this idea! And I totally understand, as my husband and I just had a very similar discussion last weekend, ahhh! Good luck Emily! Can't wait to read about your adventure!

  2. Love your idea! I do the same thing, think DIY is going to save me money and end up spending waay more. Can't wait to hear how it goes!


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