Friday, June 11, 2010

Celebrity Houses: Tori Spelling

Happy Friday!

I am going to tell you something about myself....I'm a celebrity nut. I have my favorites that I love to keep tabs on and my friends and I may or may not text each other if we hear news about one of our favs. ;)

That being said a celebrity that I really like is Tori Spelling. I am slightly addicted to her tv show on Oxygen and have been watching it for several seasons. One of my favorite things to do while watching is to see all the different rooms in her house because I love her style. I thought today I would include some pictures from Tori and Dean's new and old house so you can see what I mean.

These pictures of the house they are in now in Encino, CA. If you watch the show regularly you would know that they recently removed the wall where the big black entertainment center is and put in 2 sets of french doors to open the space up. It looks like a whole different room because it is so light and airy now.

Here is the formal living room. I love the oversized tufted ottoman (love any and everything tufted) and the mirrored tables!
This is pretty much my dream kitchen!

Here are pictures of their old house, which I don't love as much but it is pretty darn cool.

This is Liam's nursery, which I think is so fun

I love the frames going up the stairs, it's such a great way to showcase family photos.
This is Stella's super pink nursery

Finally, this is one of the powder rooms that I think is different but in a good way.
What do you think? Do you love Tori's style like I do?



  1. I too looove me some Tori Spelling and agree she has amazing style, from her homes decor to the parties she plans:) Her kitchen is my dream kitchen too!


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