Sunday, June 6, 2010

Yellow Decor

Good morning!

I thought I would continue on with my color scheme idea and cover the ever-so-popular-right-now yellow. Here are a few images of yellow decor that I think are inspiring.

A softer more subtle yellow
I love the chairs and the trunk

There are so many things I love about the picture! The skirted sofa, the pillows, the lamp...I could go on and on!

A fun bold way to introduce yellow into your existing decor is to paint a piece of furniture.

I am in love with this chair and I think it would look lovely in most any room.
Another big way to change a room is to paint the floor. I ran across this image in my search for yellow decor and had to post it.

here is the link to the tutorial.......Amazing!

Now onto a few more simple easy solutions to bring yellow into your home.

Fresh flowers placed in small containers around a room or on a table always are a great idea!
Another way to work with flowers to to buy a fake arrangement or head to your local craft store and make one yourself.
I love this picture and think it would be easy to recreate.

Lamps are a great and usually inexpensive way to add a pop of color.

A twist on adding lamps is leaving the base of the lamp neutral and coloring the shade.

Here is a link to the tutorial on how to dye a regular old lampshade. I'm adding this to my must try list!

I hope you're inspired to bring a pop of color, yellow or not into your home. It's as easy as adding a few touches maybe even a pretty bowl of lemons!

Happy Sunday!



  1. I am also loving yellow! Several rooms in my house are painted a light golden yellow!


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