Sunday, June 13, 2010

Gallery Walls

Good Sunday morning!

One thing I have always loved is pictures. I have album after album of pictures of my friends and family starting around 6-7th grade (my mom has the older baby pics). As a girl my mom taught me to write the date on the back of my pictures, which is something that I hate doing but am so glad I have always done over the years.

Once Jacob and I got married I struggled with knowing how to display all the pictures we love and not having a frame on every flat surface around our house. Enter: gallery walls. I love the idea of a wall or two in your home covered in frames (matching or not) to display all those beloved photos.
Here is a bad picture of our gallery wall. It's right as you enter the front door going up the stairs to our living room.

I'll leave you with some of my favorite pictures of photo walls.



  1. The pottery barn gallery wall was my inspiration, and then we moved and had to figure out a place to hang 40+ picture frames in our single story home! lol... I'm starting to like our new gallery wall and it's been hung for about 6 months... in my opinion it still has some tweaking needed but it's getting there!


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