Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Good morning!

Thanks for the feedback yesterday. Today I thought I would talk about wainscoting and all the different ways you can use it around your home. I'm a huge fan because not only does it look chic but it can be practical as far as adding a ledge for decor and breaking up what otherwise would feel like a boring space. Here are some images of the different ways wainscoting can be used throughout the home.

I love this idea to frame in art with moulding!

Wallpaper on the top-wainscoting on the bottom!
I am not sure where but wainscoting will definitely be incorporated into our home one day. Do you love it like I do?



  1. Great post! Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. I love it! Just trying to figure out which room(s) that it'll look best in. I like the first photograph best; it just seems simple & clean.

  3. Inspired!!!!! Thanks for the pic!!!!


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