Thursday, May 6, 2010

Before and After

Hello y'all!

As most of you are reading this we are on our way to Texas for the weekend. Can you tell I'm practicing? My husband has packed his cowboy boots and hat.....don't worry I'll take pictures.

We can't wait to see family and friends! I have scheduled posts as to keep you all entertained. And there might just be a guest blogger stopping by.... ;)

I mentioned my friend I'm helping decorate and this is the first of our many painting projects. She was generously gifted these great wall units and while there is nothing structurally wrong with them they needed a bit of updating.

I apologize for the cell phone pictures. Better pics coming when we reveal the room.

After spending a day sweating, sanding, priming, and painting we finally finished! Here are the new transformed wall units. They are still missing the piece to connect them at the top, which we will add later.
Not too shabby considering the cost of this project was about $15!

Primer.............FREE (used some I was wanting to get rid of anyway)
Paint................$15 (we only used about a half of a can that we had to purchase)

Next on the list is painting the walls that ever so perfect soft gray!

Have a great day!


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