Saturday, May 29, 2010

Craiglist Finds

Hi all!

I thought I would browse my local craigslist and show you a few gems I have turned up. Maybe this will inspire you to take a look at the one in your area and see what you can find!

I love these 2 wing back chairs and they are only $100 for the pair. I would probably try to get them for $75. FYI it takes about 7 yards of fabric to recover or reupholster your typical wing back unless you're doing a skirt and then it's 8. Why would you cover the legs though? That's my question. :)

I would snatch these up and reupholster them in a modern fabric or a plain fabric with nailhead trim!
I love the idea of painting this trunk a high gloss black leaving the hinges gold, of course. This was listed for $90 but I would try to get it for $60-70. I think this would work perfectly as a coffee table plus it has storage for blankets and throws!
This is a classic king size sleigh headboard. I don't think you can go wrong with a piece like this! This was listed for $100 but I would offer $75 and go from there. Great deal!!
I love, love, love a pedestal table! This table comes with 1 extra leaf and it is also a drop leaf table (which you can see in the picture). This little guy goes for $40, which is an amazing deal. I would love to see it painted white or a funky coral or yellow with white or mismatched chairs.
I hope maybe I have inspired someone to look at your local craigslist in a different light. I have bought several pieces of furniture off of craigslist. Have you?


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