Saturday, May 15, 2010

Driftwood Mirror


Have you seen the Driftwood Mirror that is floating around blogland? I first saw it when Holly from Life in the Fun Lane posted about it here. And then just now I ran across it again on Grace Happens. What a great idea!

Then I thought about it.....I live at the beach. I love all things beachy and natural. I like to craft. I could make my own driftwood mirror! And to top it off since I know we won't live here fun will it be to hang it in our new home (hopefully in Ohio) and say yeah, I made that with wood I collected on the beach. This is how my mind works..... :)

What about this circular one that Crate and Barrel is selling for $200!!

So, I think I'll be on the lookout for a cheap mirror the next time I'm at a thrift store and I'm going to officially start searching for driftwood!

Anyone else going to make a driftwood mirror?

Have a nice day!


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