Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Inspiring Blogger:Urban Grace Interiors

Hello all!

I hope everyone is having a great day! Today I thought I would focus on one of my favorite designers/bloggers Urban Grace Interiors. Those of you that aren't familiar Erika is a wife, mother to a beautiful baby girl, and a has a twin sister named Darby (who's blog I also love and will feature at another time).

Erika is an interior designer and I must say that I love her style. Here are a few images from her portfolio that are my favorite!

I can't even begin to sum up what I love about this entryway!

Copper farmhouse sink? Yes, please!

Again, too many things to list that I love in this picture. In fact, I would have this as my kitchen in a heartbeat!

On a more personal note I must say that I have corresponded with Erika twice over email and she is has been most helpful. The first time was to ask about a Swiss dot wrapping paper she featured on her blog that I fell in love with. I figured it was a long shot since I knew that she was a new mama and a very busy designer. She emailed me back immediately and said she would try to figure out the brand, which she did and wrote back saying she couldn't find any markings on the paper. But really.....I felt like a teenager who had just had contact with their first celebrity. I am such a fan of hers and here she was going out of her way to help me....someone she didn't know from a hole in the wall.

The next time had contact with Miss Erika was when I emailed her for advice on becoming an interior designer. I was thinking of going back to school and was overwhelmed with all the options of classes and programs and didn't have anyone in my life that knows about the business to help me make a decision. Once again, I thought I would put it out there and see if she could shed some light on the subject for me. The same day that I bombarded her with questions about schooling and questions about life and being a designer she wrote me a lengthy message back. It was like I was talking to a friend who helped me to think of some options I hadn't thought of and made my decision that much easier!

So, before I get too sappy on all of you I'll stop. :) But I did want to point out that not only is Erika an amazing designer, I can tell you from personal experience that she is a great person with a heart for pleasing her blog readers and helping out others (even if they come in the form of blog stalkers) ;)

Hope I didn't bore anyone!

Have a great day!



  1. EMILY! I got a little teary-eyed. You just MADE MY DAY! It's been a rough couple of weeks... life is crazy and I am so thankful for this kind post!! You are so sweet. Thanks a million!!!!

  2. Well, I meant every word of it. You really are not only a great designer but a have proven to be a wonderful person too! :)


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