Monday, July 12, 2010

Bright Kitchen Cabinets

Good morning!

I'm still recovering from a great weekend. We had so much fun celebrating with friends this weekend and after a great girls night last night I feel so blessed.

I mentioned before that I am a white kitchen kinda girl and boy do I have the inspiration pictures saved to back it up! I thought I would go outside my comfort zone and do a little research on painted kitchen cabinets. This is what I came up with and while it's probably not what I will end up doing in my own home I do like the look of it when it's done correctly.

I love the two different kind of cabinets

I know these are white cabinets but the insides are painted and with the counter tops and all I decided to throw this one in too
I do kinda love this kitchen

What do you think? Are you a bright kitchen cabinet type of person?


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