Monday, July 19, 2010

Pink Satin Chair

Hi all!

I'm here to share a chair I DIY'ed this weekend. Here is the before:

not too bad for a $20 Goodwill chair

I originally bought the chair for a client who then decided she didn't want it after all. My friend thought it would go well as a chair in her bedroom so I got started working on her vision. This was the goal:
this baby runs $425 found here, which is a good price but too much for my friend

3 coats of white paint and 2 yards of fuchsia satin fabric later here is what I came up with:
The pic below is probably the best representation of the color of the fabric. It's hard to photograph with my crap camera and the shininess of the fabric.
It's far from perfect but without spending days on it, I think this is decent. And for a total of about $35 ($20 chair, $15 fabric, already had paint) it's not too shabby.

Have a great day!



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