Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Fabric Frenzy

One of my favorite blogger/designers posted yesterday about Schumacher Fabrics and while I had looked at their fabrics a few times I was always in a rush and had never really looked through their selection.

I LOVE fabric and think once we buy our own home it will be so hard to pick fabric for curtains and pillows and such because I love too many! This is why I need to have several houses so I can decorate them all differently and use all the different styles I love. Deal. :)

So, check out Schumacher Fabrics and please also note that they have Wallpaper, Trim, and Furniture. They aren't paying me to say this, I just love their selection.

Here are my favorite fabrics (at least for today) I will love new things tomorrow.

This citrine color is amazing. And if it's geometric or trellis print, I'm in!
I can just see this fabric made into curtains for a nursery.
I recovered my large ottoman in a print similar to this in blue at one time
There are no words

I want to convince a client to use this fabric because it's perfect!!!

Anyone else have a love for fabric like I do? I drive the people at my small local shops nuts because I go in and get about a million samples and then leave....come back a few days later and get more. Don't worry.... eventually I buy, but I do think they hate me a little.

Have a great day!!



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