Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Decorating with Plants

Good morning!
One thing that I have always encompassed the decor of my own home is plants. I love plants and have been blessed with a green thumb. I know that I get it from my mom and my aunts who in turn got it from my grandma. I grew up weeding flower beds in the summer and planting flowers in the spring then come fall digging up bulbs and cutting off dead foliage.

It should be no surprise that even in college I had an ivy plant or two in my room. Now I have 5 indoor plants and about 6 out on our patio. There is something about adding greenery to a room that not only adds texture but it warrants a casual homey feel.

Here are a few rooms that I love that include plants:

Sometimes to fill a corner or an awkward space a plant is just what you need
I love the look of a cluster of plants

Or perhaps just one small one
Plants can compliment modern decor and still look sleek

A great way to bring the outdoors in

An orchid is so glamorous
PS-Homegoods sells very real looking fake orchids for $30-40
I love the dimension the plant adds to this vignette

Just like there are several ways you can incorporate plants into your home, there are several containers to choose from to compliment your decor. One being just planting them in pots, you could choose a sleek pot like the one pictured for a clean, fresh look. Or a galvanized pot for a more French country look as well as a wicker basket pot to bring in a coastal feel. The possibilities are endless.
Another idea is keeping plants in glass bottles. I love the breezy look this creates!
One plant I want to use in our home is succulents. They are small enough to fit in any room and to me are very charming. I love the idea of finding unique items at the thrift store and planting a small succulent in it like in the picture.
Do you have houseplants? What is your favorite?



  1. I LOVE Maidenhair Ferns! They are dainty, delicate and magical! However, I have yet to discover how to keep them alive. I've probably killed a dozen of these beauties. So.Sad!
    Also love Jade plants. So important to decorate with life - they add a crisp, lively, earthy element to each room and provide us with fresh air - what's not to love! Great pics!

  2. I love Jade! I have a ton of it! :)

  3. I used to have a horrible black thumb, but I think I've finally overcome it. Now my house is covered in plants! My little herbs are my favorite, right now I have mint, basil, parsley and rosemary.


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